Meet your Criminal Donkeys

Each Donkey is unique and algorithmically generated by combining 164 properties with varying rarities in 7 categories (Background, Clothes, Earring, Eyes, Fur, Hat and Mouth). Each Criminal Donkey will be sold for 0.05 ETH. There will be no ramp of pricing throughout the Launch Campaign. Whether you purchase the first or the last Criminal Donkeys, you’ll pay the same price.




Equal Distribution

While some NFT Collections withhold a portion of the more valuable items for VIP’s, every Criminal Donkey will be released to the market at launch.

Copyright Transferred

When you purchase a Criminal Donkey NFT, you are transferred full ownership and copyright usage rights to do with as you please!

High Resolution

Criminal Donkeys are crisply rendered at 1,600 by 1,600 pixels – perfect for printing out or posting on any form of social media.

Criminal Donkeys Road Map


15 Random Criminal Donkey owners will get one Criminal Donkey airdropped.

First Community ETH Raffle

Once we sell out 25% of Criminal Donkeys we’ll be doing a community exclusive raffle to win some Ethereum!

Criminal Donkey Merch Store

We want collectors to reap the rewards of being a Criminal Donkey so we are creating a digital store to sell your merch to other Donkey lovers or to rock during your own prison break.

The Game Begins

Each Donkey comes with a Fox partner that will be unlocked following the completed sale. We will then unveil the roadmap for the main goal of our project, the Escape From Prison game.

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